Emily Evans:

I became a REALTOR® because I have a passion for guiding people. I graduated from Texas A&M Galveston with a degree in Ocean and Coastal Resources, I never imagined that I would be helping people buy and sell their most valued coastal resource, their home.
I taught kids about Marine Science in Texas, South Carolina, Costa Rica, and Baja, Mexico. I helped run an eco-adventure company in La Paz, Baja, planning custom trips from start to finish, and in-between I led groups to see the whales, fish, birds, and all the magic Baja has to offer.

I enjoy hearing about people’s dreams.
I enjoy creating tours based on that information.
I enjoy coordinating many diverse parts to attain that dream. I enjoy seeing the pride and joy of a new home buyer.

I grew up inside the loop in Houston always enjoying trips to Galveston. No other coastal city in the U.S. boasts the bounty of Galveston. It is truly a gem on the Gulf Coast, when I see that excited look in a kid’s eye when we pull up the seine net and it glitters with tiny fish and baby blue crabs, I know we have a resource that deserves our protection.

Let’s throw out the net, look at a few houses. I will guide you through the process of acquiring your dream Galveston beach home. I have a thorough understanding of not only coastal processes, but our niche coastal real estate market. I will help you navigate the neighborhoods, and the waterways surrounding them. I can connect you with contractors, inspectors, and fishing guides. Identify investment properties and the concierge services available for the short-term vacation rental guests. I will consistently communicate clearly with honesty and integrity, always holding your interests at heart. I will help you with the nitty gritty side of negotiations, windstorm/flood insurance nuances, secure elevation certificates and inspection reports and I will always go the extra mile for you.