Emily Evans
REALTOR® – Galveston Island Real Estate


Let me help guide you through the process of buying or selling your most valuable coastal resource, your home.


I became a REALTOR® because I have a passion for guiding people. I graduated from Texas A&M Galveston with a degree in Ocean and Coastal Resources, I never imagined that I would be helping people buy and sell their most valued coastal resource, their home.
I taught kids about Marine Science in Texas, South Carolina, Costa Rica, and Baja, Mexico. I helped run an eco-adventure company in La Paz, Baja, planning custom trips from start to finish, and in-between I led groups to see the whales, fish, birds, and all the magic Baja has to offer.

I enjoy hearing about people’s dreams.
I enjoy creating tours based on that information.
I enjoy coordinating many diverse parts to attain that dream. I enjoy seeing the pride and joy of a new home buyer.

I grew up inside the loop in Houston always enjoying trips to Galveston. No other coastal city in the U.S. boasts the bounty of Galveston. It is truly a gem on the Gulf Coast, I am reminded of that through the work I do with the Educational Outreach department of the Galveston Bay Foundation. When I see that excited look in a kid’s eye when we pull up the seine net and it glitters with tiny fish and baby blue crabs, I know we have a resource that deserves our protection.

Let’s throw out the net, look at a few houses. I will guide you through the process of acquiring your dream Galveston beach home. Let me help you find the perfect people for your house or the perfect house for your people.

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