What is a Conservation Realtor?

Emily Evans is! Her Bachelor of Science in Ocean and Coastal Resources from Texas A&M University at Galveston prepared her for a wide variety of professions. She has traveled and shared her passion with thousands of students and tourists, teaching them about the beauty, intricacies, and value of our coastal resources.  She is a licensed Texas REALTOR, holds the Graduate of the Real Estate Institute designation and enjoys her new calling in life, which is to guide you through the process of buying or selling your most precious coastal resource, your home. She is knowledgeable in many coastal ecosystem factors that may affect the sale of a property.

She assisted in the transfer of over 13 acres in Bolivar from an independent investor to the Houston Audubon Association to increase the acreage of their bird sanctuary.

Wetlands are a very valuable ecosystem to folks along the shore, but also have very far reaching benefits. From migratory birds, to filtering out contaminates before they reach the shore. They serve as a nursery for myriad coastal creatures. They also help soak up excess rainfall from hitting urban areas, like Houston, for example.

She has helped buyers purchase the land for their forever home, right on the shores of Galveston Bay. Some buyers may look at this as a risk, there is a lot of chatter about building near wetlands. Emily helped them go through the correct channels with the Army Corps of Engineers so they could obtain a legitimate building permit and now, they will have their dream home. This involved many steps, but essentially anybody can initiate them. Emily does not prescribe to the old adage “I’d rather ask for forgiveness, than ask for permission”.

Emily would love to help you with any of your coastal property needs. Whether you are a representative of a non-profit conservation group, or a salty soul looking for your dream pad; she can guide you through the steps involved in making your dream a reality.